Communicating your research

These pages bring together information and resources needed to share your research with the world. Research that is not shared or communicated has only limited use. Communicating research is about ensuring others can benefit from your research.

Resources cover tips on how to communicate well. They should not distract you however from the message you want to pass on, nor should they serve as a shortcut.

These pages link to resources and workshop notes around the communication of research

Developing an online presence is increasingly important for researchers. Communicating research is about building credentials and developing your identity as a researcher by branding yourself. As an academic you should also consider getting an ORCID identity. All about ORCID provides more information. The ORCID account creation manual explains how to get your id and bring in publications from Scopus.

Publishing your research

These link to resources about

Presenting your research in conferences, seminars


Good writing skills are crucial in most professions and activities. Writing skills can be developed through practice. Here we share some of the workshop notes and resources around writing. But there are no magic formulas. Writing sometimes just takes time, often time for ideas to fall in place. For more on this read Katrine Smiet’ s page How to Become a Prolific Academic Writer

Writing the various sections of a research paper/thesis

The finished thesis/research paper

Finally, for those of you who are at the end of their research project the notes on When is a thesis ready for submission will be really useful. These notes also contain useful information on thesis structures.


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