Research seminars

As a research student you are expected to present you research in a series of seminars. These notes (adapted from the policy) summarise requirements for the seminars. The page tips for oral presentations provides some guidelines to prepare a presentation.

Introductory seminar

The Introductory seminar is to be done within 6 months for doctoral candidates (12 for PT) and 4 months for Masters candidates. The Introductory seminar is organised by the Primary Supervisor.

The aim of the seminar is to:

  • introduce you to other researchers at the University
  • welcome you
  • provide an avenue for feedback from academics in the field
  • provide an early opportunity to test the feasibility of the research project
  • provide an opportunity to implement early intervention measures, if appropriate.

All members of the supervisory panel should attend the seminar. Attendees will be invited to provide verbal and written feedback to the candidate. The seminar and feedback received should be discussed in a follow up panel meeting.

Confirmation seminar and research proposal

This is an important seminar, since your enrollment is deemed conditional till the seminar was delivered and deemed satisfactory. The confirmation seminar has to be delivered within the first 12 months full-time candidature (or equivalent part-time) for Doctoral candidates and within the first 7 months full-time candidature (or equivalent part-time) for Masters by Research candidates.

Confirmation of Candidature involves the submission of a written research proposal and presentation of a confirmation seminar. Both are formally evaluated by a panel of disciplinary experts, who are not members of the candidate’s supervisory panel. The content, format and length of both the research proposal and confirmation seminar will be subject to the specific requirements of the discipline area.

The primary supervisor, in consultation with the panel members, will appoint a panel of assessors consisting of at least two disciplinary experts who meet the following requirements:

  • Not a current or previous member of the candidate’s supervisory panel;
  • At least two must hold a research degree at the level sought by the candidate, or equivalent professional research experience;
  • Research active in the field of scholarship in which the candidate is also engaged; and
  • At least one assessor will be a member of academic staff at a tertiary institution.

Your supervisors and the Associate Dean Research (ADR) of the Faculty or Director of the Research Institute (or respective delegates – HDR convenors) are expected to attend the seminar.

After the seminar, you should meet with the assessors, your supervisors and the ADR or delegate to discuss feedback.  

If, as a doctoral candidate, you are unsuccessful at a Confirmation of Candidature, you will be allowed a second attempt. A doctoral candidate who still fails after a second attempt may be advised to transfer to an appropriate Masters by Research course. If that is not possible, you will be discontinued.

If, as a masters by research candidate, you fail confirmation of candidature, you will be discontinued.

Work in progress seminar

This seminar is only for doctoral students.

The work in progress seminar is to be presented within 24 months of commencement (special conditions apply for PhD in Clinical Psychology and Physiology).

Final or pre-submission seminar

To be delivered three to six months before thesis submission. This seminar is not formally assessed.

The seminar is to be chaired by the primary supervisor. Other supervisors and the ADR, or delegate, are expected to attend.