Finding a scholarship/a job

Many organisations offer scholarships. The website lists some of these scholarships on two separate pages Scholarships to study/research in Australia AND Scholarships to study/research overseas.

You can also locate scholarships by checking websites offering databases of available scholarships and grants such as Research Professional, an Australian based research funding opportunities database, to which UC subscribes.

Other sites that can help locate scholarships:

Finding a job

Research degrees pave the way for a variety of careers. In the past PhDs essentially prepared for a career in academia. This is no longer the case. Potential outcomes of the PhD and how to best prepare for these are big discussion topics. While some suggest the aging academic workforce may create a demand for young academics, many tend to agree on the need to prepare research students for a range of careers.

When embarking on a career it is important to reflect on your preferred directions, opportunities but also work values that are important to you. The Career Values Card Sort can be used as a toll for reflecting ans discussing your career and directions you may want to take. The US page My next move helps exploring potential careers and how realistic they are (but in the US context – which is not be applicable to the whole world).

The finding a job page offers more information on the job debate, career development and links to sites advertising research positions.